Today is WORLD RADIO DAY!  We want to celebrate along with you and share some fun stories from our Country 106.7 announcers on why they love radio! 

Every time someone asks me “how long have you been in radio?” …the answer shocks me. 24 years! How fast the fun times have flown. I was studying radio at Humber College in 1996 and working at a bar on the weekends in my hometown when in walked the owner of the local radio station. I bought him a beer and we chatted. He told me I should try radio. “Funny you should say that!”, I replied. I started the very next weekend reading the weather once an hour during countdown shows. Fast forward to present time and interviews with Garth Brooks to Dolly Parton and everyone in between…and the crazy radio promotions involving bathtubs of grape jello, a live tiger and one eventful mic drop from atop an elephant….plus the privilege of talking and laughing with YOU every morning….and I can’t rightfully express to you how much joy this radio journey has brought me. Thank you for letting me into your hearts and homes every day. You’ve made all my dreams come true. Radio isn’t what I do….it’s who I am. I’m so lucky to live out my passion everyday.
– Jennifer

My radio story almost never happened. When I was finishing high school I was convinced that radio was where I wanted to be. My father however was nowhere near as sure. He used to say to me “…so what happens when you take two years of radio college and then realize you still can’t talk on the radio?!” I don’t know what it was but it made sense, so off to university I went to get a “real” education. Two years and a few thousand dollars later I was done with university (with nothing to show for it) and ready to chase my dream. A couple of years in freezing temperatures and lots of learning in North Bay, Ontario got me into the business of my dreams and off I went. My career adventure has been a wild one and I’ve seen and done a lot. However, know this…I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Radio is the greatest medium for reaching people in the world. It’s instant, it’s personal and it’s the ultimate job for releasing your creativity. The audience becomes your family and we are so blessed that you let us into your homes, cars and backyard speakers every day.
– PJ

Why do I love radio? It’s really simple, for all the negativity that is shown across social media in the world; Radio gives us a chance to have an escape. A chance to hear a story that can make you laugh, or smile, or even maybe you learn something brand new. To be able to just enjoy yourself for a bit of time every day is so important and that’s what radio truly gives us.
– Brendan

Goodness I’ve been in Radio for 3 years now! I’ve had some of the best experiences and toughest challenges ever with Country 106.7. I’ve got to go to New York to Interview Florida Georgia Line, attend the CCMAs, be there at the BIGGEST COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Boots and Hearts, I’ve made great relationships with some of the country artists that come to the studio and I work with the best dang people on the air right now!
Radio wasn’t my first choice. I had my own personal training business for a few years before giving radio a shot. People always said I had a voice for radio. That really wasn’t why I got into it. I LOVE MUSIC. We feel something kind of amazing when we listen to music and I don’t think there is another art-form out there that can replicate what music does to our soul!
It heals after break ups, makes those backyard summertime parties that much more amazing, pool-sides wouldn’t be the same without music, and you probably couldn’t get through your workout without it.
I love finding out how songs were written, why they wanted to sing that song, and how the melody popped into the artists head! With this amazing job I get to learn that artists have a hard time tapping in to some emotions just to write the perfect song and they use some past memories to bring lyrics to paper!
I get to talk and connect with amazing listeners and I feel like they have all become my friend. Whenever they call it’s never an awkward conversation…it’s almost like I’ve known them for years! We chat through social media and the stations texting line.
I’m surrounded by Country music everyday and I have the best listeners and I can’t imagine my life without country music and this job!

…and just to add to this fun post! Boss, Peter! My first recollection of radio is asking my Mom as a toddler how they “fit all the bands” in the radio station everyday! From there I was in high school when I was a part of a tour of CFOS in Owen Sound. I remembered being intoxicated by the building and phoned the next week and asked for a job. Got it; and that was 42 years ago and although the expression is trite… ‘ I have not worked a day since” Did stops in Television but was allways drawn back to radio. Blessed my wife and grew up around radio and radio people and made it her career as well. It’s a part of everyone’s life and for me its been a great way to make a living, raise a family, and contribute to a company and a community(s). Even as I type this, I remain grateful everyday to work in such a rich industry.
– Peter