Luke Bryan and his family have adopted Poochie, and 18 year old senior dog! Poochie was given up because his family became allergic! When Poochie ended up at the rescue shelter the staff believed he would be there forever because it’s hard to get senior dogs adopted. BUT NOT FOR POOCHIE!

Luke and his wife Caroline applied to adopt Poochie on Saturday and just yesterday Proverbs 12:10 Rescue posted a picture of Caroline finishing up the process to take Poochie home!

Caroline has a whole bunch of animals at the Bryan Farm called Brett’s Barn! The barn is meant for animal therapy for various children. It was inspired by her niece Sadie Brett Boyer, who died only after 7 months Brett’s Barn includes a pony, alpacas, two kangaroos and more comfort animals…with the new addition of Poochie!

~ Ryan

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