We all remember in 2014 the world was doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where you would challenge your friends and family to dump a bucket of ice water on you and donate to ALS research for support!

NBA writer Tom Haberstroh found out his mother was diagnosed with ALS so the ALSO Hot pepper Challenge is like the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014, if you’re nominated, you have to eat a hot pepper.

Kelly Clarkson was recently nominated by Trisha Yearwood to do the Hot Pepper Challenge…

Now we’ve seen Kelly choke down a spicy pepper, but what ever happened to Garth and Trisha! Well turns out Garth chickened out and instead made Trisha eat the pepper! To join in the fun Garth heated up some Dr.Pepper soda so we wouldn’t feel left out!


Will you be doing the ALS Hot Pepper Challenge?

~ Ryan

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