With Carrie Underwood taking some time off to recover from her fall in November and her husband Mike Fisher gearing up to come out of retirement and play for the Nashville Predators again, I think it would be a good idea to get the juices flowin’! The couple made their way to their gym for a workout to shake off the winter blues and get back into shape!

Their young son Isaiah joined in…because we all know that eating Cheerios and watching cartoons plus 3 naps a day can be tough LOL

Photo: @carrieunderwood
Photo: @carrieunderwood


This isn’t the first time the family has stayed active together! The three of them enjoyed some winter activities together!

They did the “Hot Dog Dance” one evening!

And last year, Isaiah joined mommy for some Yoga!

A Family that works out together, stays healthy together!

Check out Carrie Underwood’s Spotify Workout Playlist!

~ Ryan

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