Shout-Out To Beth Delion for this Humble And Kind Story!

A Facebook post and a photo of an elderly man volunteering at an Atlanta Hospital is going viral for the best reasons. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta shared a photo of an elderly man now known as “ICU Grandpa” holding an infant at the hospital. The man’s name is David Deutchman and he has been doing this for 12 years.

ICU Grandpa comes to hold infants in the PICU and NICU when their parents can’t be there. It’s such an important job because these tiny babies need attention and affection, but sometimes their parents need to be at home with their siblings, so he fills in!

This video has over 30 million views and people are loving ICU Grandpa! I mean dang it, who doesn’t like to a grandpa doing what grandpas do best?


~ Ryan

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