Yes, gas prices could be lower. When I started driving, it was only 39 cents per litre (yes, I’m that old)! But if it’s going to be over a buck, I’d like to encourage all gas stations to stop at this number. All day, every day.

Besides the obvious, I like this picture because it means you were thinking about us! Thanks to Megan Davenport for snapping this shot the other day at the corner of Fairway and King in Kitchener. And I guess thanks to Husky for the unintended advertising. 😉

Whether it’s between 5-10 in the morning, or any other time of the day, thanks for thinking about us! And if you ever see another sign that reminds you of us, feel free to send a pic! It’s good for our egos and we’ll probably share it online and stuff. 🙂