I’ve told you many times before that I plan to live to be 100. The odds are against me but I like to think about it. I mean, shouldn’t we get to spend A LOT of years living after spending so many years working? Oh, and I also plan to go for a motorcycle ride to celebrate my 100th birthday. Anyway, in case I don’t make it, I’m glad there are guys like Andy Anderson.

Andy is 100 and he’s got quite the collection of wisdom after all these years on Earth. Some of my favourites include:

* Eat around the mold; don’t go wasting food
* Everyone has too many clothes. Wear what you have and quit buying more (checks walk-in closet and tie rack of 40 ties)

  • Don’t spend more money than you make
  • Try not to take yourself so seriously

I could go on and on but you can read the entire thing for yourself here. You may not have 100 years but surely you can find 5 minutes to give this a read.

And, hey, if you’re still around, you can help me blow out those 100 birthday candles someday…