mary browns

A huge thanks to Krystal, who’s a regular listener of Campbell and Farwell. We really appreciate that! We kinda feel like a family, and when one of our family members needs help, we do what we can.

Krystal emailed us tell the story of a co-worker’s husband, who was injured on the job. As the main bread winner for the family of six (get the food reference?), things are a little tough. So Krystal, who manages Mary Brown’s in Kitchener, got some support from her restaurant owners.

All day tomorrow (March 4th), when you buy a Big Mary sandwich from Mary Brown’s, you’ll be helping this local family. All proceeds from the sandwich sales will be donated to a fund to support the family. So you get a tasty meal and you help out a family in need at the same time. Our family.

That’s a win-win, right? Mary Brown’s is at 700 Strasburg Road (at Block Line) in Kitchener.