So many small towns, so few Sundays. But after visits to Rockwood, Wingham, Harriston, Arthur, and Port Burwell, we made our way yesterday to Hillsburgh. And what a neat little story from that small town!Pamela Fanjoy is the owner of The Friendly Chef Adventures in Hillsburgh (just re-located a few weeks ago from nearby Erin). She also happens to be a ‘Chopped Canada‘ champion, taking home the $10,000 prize from the competition earlier this year. And to think that Pam only got into cooking through her career as a clinical social worker!

I wouldn’t have found the place if it wasn’t for the recommendation of Heather Baker, and even then, it was a little tough to find. But my trusty motorcycle and I made the trip on a spectacular Sunday for riding and it was well worth it. Some of the views of Wellington County are gorgeous from up there in Hillsburgh, and the Forks of the Credit aren’t far away. Fellow riders know what I’m talking about… 😉

It’s going to be a sad Sunday when there’s snow on the ground and these tours are done for the summer.

See ya down the road.


The lonely helmet
The lonely helmet
When you're a champion, you let people know
When you’re a champion, you let people know