It wasn’t really my fault. I mean, there really wasn’t a choice in the matter. What I’m really trying to say is….I allowed beer to pass my lips and I’m looking for excuses. But the truth is, I’m weak, I’m human, I screwed up. Oh, and I really like beer.

Jennifer and I had the chance to take in “Local Crave” on Sunday, a fundraiser organized by Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region. It was awesome! We walked through Doon Heritage Village at the Waterloo Region Museum and got to sample food from all sorts of local restaurants, like Easy Pour Wine Bar, the Huether Hotel, Proof, Beertown, and Chef Scotty.

But you want to know about the beer, and me being a cheater.

So let me take you inside the museum.

Oh, there was more food. Wildcraft was there, and so was the Stone Crock (with some of the best damn Dutch apple pie you’ll ever eat). But there was also Innocente and Block 3 breweries and, well, you know me and Block 3. They were sampling their ‘Blocktoberfest’ beer — and I do mean SAMPLING! These were itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, two-ounce plastic cups….and I took a sip. ONE SIP! That’s all, I swear. Jennifer can confirm as she finished the rest. But, still, I cheated…and I feel I need to be honest about that.

For what it’s worth, I continue to consume my mother’s chocolate chip cookies whole, not just by one bite. In fact, her cookies are the only thing I’ve eaten so far today. I’ve stopped counting…

At this rate, by the time #BeerFreeFor115 ends at Christmas, I’ll look a lot like Santa Claus. 🙂

Yours in (near) beerlessness,