Nashville Kat - Dec 2014

We finally got to see the face of Carrie Underwood’s 4-week old son Isaiah. He was dressed in Nashville Predators colors with a baby-sized hockey stick propped under his arms. Isaiah was sleeping and had the funniest look on his frowning face. Carrie snapped the shot in honor of Mike’s team, the Predators making the playoffs.


Luke Bryan had elbow surgery this weekend and tweeted, “No biggie. Minor surgery on a tendon on my elbow. Been putting it off. All good.”


Miranda Lambert spent part of Sunday at Dollar General and picked up a coloring book with horses in it and a box of 64 Crayola crayons and their pip squeak markers. She tweeted, “yes I’m 31 and yes I like to color. “ Blake refused to color and just watched.


Kenny Chesney and the non-profit organization Music & Memory are collecting old MP3 players to help people struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Find out more at


Finally – happy 31st birthday to Justin Moore.