I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t really “work” for a living. Sure, the hours are early and often long but, really, sitting around talking, listening to music, watching hockey games. How is any of that actually “work?” But here’s the thing that might surprise you…

Most people think our jobs are cool not just because they’re easy but because we get to meet “celebrities.” And, sure, I guess that can be fun. But for me, it’s meeting you that’s the most fun. I love your stories, I love the work that you do, I love that you keep me employed in a job where I don’t have to work just because you’re kind enough to listen. So, thank you for that.

Yesterday was a great example of meeting a really cool person that most of you would not consider a “celebrity.” But Jim Eby is a total rock star to me. Jim is the farmer at Eby Manor, that magical place where Golden Guernsey Milk is made locally. I usually buy my Golden Guernsey at Brady’s Meats in Waterloo (Rob the butcher is such a great guy!). I also usually buy only the chocolate milk…because I’m a 6-year old in a 43-year old’s body.

Anyway, I happened to mention the milk on the air one day, one of you heard it, word got back to Jim Eby’s family, his nephew stopped by the broadcast booth at a Rangers game to give me Jim’s phone number, and the next thing you know, I was milking a cow! See what I mean by a cool job? 🙂

Jennifer and I got to visit Eby Manor yesterday, see the operation, milk some cows, and pick up our milk straight from the source! It was an incredibly cool experience for a couple of radio announcers who try very hard to live locally. I love this community for its rich farmland just outside of its vibrant cities so this was a real thrill. And it all started because you listened. Now I know the man who makes my milk (thanks, Farmer Jim!) and a little bit more about how it gets made. Who says I’m not living the dream? So much fun!