Is Kimberly Perry dating a Toronto Blue Jay?!?  Here’s 10 reasons I think she is…



We’ve been wondering about this for a year or so but until now, we didn’t have enough proof to call it.  We think Kimberly Perry is dating J.P Arencibia of the Jays!  Yesterday, Courtney from promotions confirmed it.  I don’t know how Courtney found out the pair is in fact dating but, I have a tendency to believe her (she’s usually right about these things). 

So, this morning we snooped both of them online…

Here are 10 reasons we are almost positive J.P Arencibia is dating her!


1.  After last year’s ACM Awards, J.P Arencibia tweeted ‘Kimberly Perry might be the most beautiful girl in the world’.

2. In August, J.P tweeted a picture of three guys goofing off together during a meal together.  He said ‘what will I do with these guys’? #TBPCrew (Obviously, he was hanging out with the band).

3.  In December, Arencibia posted a picture of a studio.  He joked that he had no idea what any of the buttons did.  The Band Perry’s sophomore album is due out very soon!

4. Arencibia lives in Nashville, and hangs out with people like Carrie Underwood’s hockey-hubby Mike Fisher ALL the time!!!  It’s no secret he’s a country fan.



5. J.P posted a picture of his hotel TV, while Kimberly was on the screen.  He tweeted ‘Now that’s a beautiful girl’.

6. Last year Kimberly Perry posted a picture with her hand in the air.  She was wearing a Blue Jays hoodie at the time.  The tweet said ‘raise your hand if you’re having a bad day’.

7. J.P posted the same picture of Kimberly but, replied saying ‘raise your hand if that’s the best hoody ever’.

8.  The Band Perry tweeted a picture of a guy holding a baseball.

9. J.P was on vacation at Disney World around the same time the Band Perry was there.

10.  A fan just asked J.P if he has a Valentine this year, and he replied ‘Sure do. #mostbeautifulgirlintheworld’, the same description he used after watching Kimberly on the ACM Awards over a year ago.

Can we get one collective “Awwwww”?!?  Did we miss something!?!  Are they dating!?!? They’d be pretty cute.  I’ve tweeted Arencibia to confirm it!  Keep you posted…


…By the way, I still love him!  But, I guess since I’m engaged, and we love Kimberly…I’ll let that slide :)