Ugh ohhh…the stats are in, and your dirty little secrets our revealed!!!  What are our most popular hotel stay habits???  Find out here!


A new study out of the UK has researched our most popular hotel rituals, and as it turns out, we can be rather ’naughty’.  When we first check in, women are most likely to scope out/steal the toiletries (conditioner, and lotions), and use the hotel bathroom! 


Meanwhile, 19% of male guests are likely to flick through the adult TV channels but, don’t get too judgemental ladies!  15% of us are likely to do the same thing!!!

Other taboo habits included jumping on the bed when no one’s watching, hitting up the mini fridge (which women were FAR more likely to do), and using the hotel amenities such as the pool and gym. 


The study found that our favourite passtime is checking out, and enjoying the view from our window!


What’s even more shameful???  A similar study from Australia says that 40% of Aussie’s  admit to ‘public nudey runs’ during their hotel stay!!! 


This morning, we want to hear all about your dirty hotel secrets!!!  What are your hotel stay rituals?!?