Why is Eric Church feeling embarrassed?!?

It’s an honour for any country star to get a chance to perform at the Grand Ole Opry–even when  you’re Eric Church.


Eric Church was recently performing there in a televised special.  They said they wanted him to play ‘Drink in my Hand’ and ‘Springsteen’, but for the second set, he had the chance to play whatever he wanted.  Just before stepping on stage, Pete Fisher (who is head of the Opry), cracked a joke, ‘don’t forget the lyrics’.  That seems to have cursed Eric whose nerves suddenly got the best of him.


He forgot the lyrics to his own songs…ooops!  ‘Here I am on TV, I just looked over at Pete and shook my head, thinking ‘God almighty…,’” he recalled.


Everyone has a ‘brainfart’ once in awhile.