What’s behind these mysterious chalk creations!?!?


If you live in the area near Monarch Woods, in Kitchener, you may have seen these chalk messsages before!!!  That’s because 23-year-old Marc Quirion; the founder of chalkthoughts.com lives near there!


Marc says his fascination with the mysterious messages in chalk, started on his way to a lecture at the University of Waterloo.  He tells the Record, that when he read ‘you are beautiful’ on campus lamp post, it made him smile.  He started thinking that positive messages in chalk could be a fun way to still be creative and feel spontaneous…without leaving permanent marks on property. 


He started the website, where people have been taking pictures  of their own ‘chalk thoughts’, and uploading them online.  The website doesn’t tolerate any crude messages, and if you want to check it out, most of the creations are very warm, and fuzzy! 


Neat idea Marc!