Here’s another amazing story that will make you think twice before throwing out that ‘junk’ you inherited…


 This story comes from Saugus, near Boston, where a man named Leo runs a junk removal service.  

 Leo was recently sorting through junk that was sent to him from the family of a deceased woman.  As he was sifting through an old chest the woman owned, he came across old bonds.  Upon further investigation, Leo discovered that the bonds  are now worth a whopping $144,000.00! 

Sure, Leo could have kept the cash for himself but, instead…something extrodinary happened.  He called Fox News, and had cameras follow him to the home of the woman’s daughter, where he told them about his amazing find, and delievered the bonds.

It really makes you think about your own ‘junk’ now doesn’t it?!?!“>Here’s how it went down…

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